AquaMAX Domestic Water Heaters

AquaMAX Domestic Water Heaters – Household Name In Australia Market

AquaMAX domestic water heaters sound like a household name in Australia market when it comes to water heaters.

Electric storage

It is considered to be swift when it comes to delivery of warm water. This is because the electronic room contains the pressure and heating apparatus for various applications.

AquaMAX deals with two widely known devices for heating water. The company also has electric enamels that comes with 10-or 5-year cylinder warranty. These cylinders are made up of steel, and in the interior, they are lined with enamel. This one contains a fired glass that is used for protection. The interior lining is also suitable for various qualities of liquids including those from regional areas.

You can alternatively opt for the superior performance of the stainless one in the company’s stainless steel range. These devices are preferred since they are up to 50% lighter. They also come wit 10-years cylinder warranty.

Electric Vitreous Enamel

It has been redesigned to save energy and act as the better fit for replacements. Most heating devices that fall under this category come in different sizes. Most of them range from 50L to 400L Models. They are also durable since they are lined with high-quality steel casing.


Dual inlets and outlets, 50L to 400L models, indoor or outdoor installation and twin element models. Other features comprise of 10 or 5 years of warranty and it is suitable for most types including hard liquid areas.

400L Vitreous Enamel

The largest part in the electric range and it allows users especially large families to take advantage of the off-peak tariffs with its huge storage capacity. This equipment is considered to be great for households with multiple hot water.

315 Vitreous Enamel

This heater is MEPS compliant means that it has higher efficiency and delivery for larger families especially those with medium to large needs. It is also easier to install.

250L Vitreous Enamel

Our 250L water heater is popular, and at the same time, it is MEPS compliant. It is also one of the TESAW winner. It is designed to be utilised by 3-5 people. It also comes with dual inlets and outlets for easy installation and with twin element models.

160 Squat Vitreous Enamel

One of the best devices that bring large capacity wasted spaces or areas with restrictions. It is fitted with dual inlets that facilitates the warming process with smarter package.

160 Vitreous Enamel

Suitable for both small homes and apartments typically occupied by 2-4 people. This equipment is also a TESAW winner and MEPS compliant as well.

125 Vitreous Enamel

Typically designed for small homes and apartments. The 125L heater is also MEPS compliant. It is also one of the largest units with dual inlet and outlet fittings for easy installation.

80L Vitreous Enamel

Small enough to cater for 1 or two people. Suitable for a small one bedroom apartment or homes. It can also be installed outdoors.

50L Vitreous Enamel

Redesigned according to your needs and specifications. The 50L Vitreous is MEPS compliant. For easy access and installation, all service outlets are located to the forefront. Suitable for one person or offices with limited capacity.

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AquaMAX Hot Water Systems Installer

– Expert hot water system repair and replacement
– Fast and efficient blocked drain clearing using Drain Jetters and Cameras
– Tap and shower repairs
– Plumbing and Electrical emergencies
– Toilet cistern repair and replacement
– Repairs to broken pipes e.g. Water, Drain & Sewer pipes
– Gas repair and replacement

Reliable & Professional

– Highest standards of professional work
– Experienced plumbers and electricians
– Specialist skills in key areas always allocated where needed
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