Craft Schedule

Craft Section Coordinator: Elaine Tracey


PO Box 7199, Wilberforce, NSW, 2756
T: 0408 253 563 or Email:

 Craft Show Chief Steward: Natalie Hoskins


Exhibitors are reminded that special regulations apply to this section of the show and are supplementary to the General Regulations of the Society.

ENTRY FEE PER CLASS: Adults $4.00; Pensioners and Children $2.00



  1. Each Exhibit must be the work of the Exhibitor.
  2. Any article, which has been exhibited at a previous St Ives Show, is NOT
  3. Classes restricted to persons over the age of 70 years (Seniors) must have birth date indicated on entry form.
  4. Judges reserve the right to re-classify any item in any Class of any Section.
  5. Each Exhibit must have been completed within twelve (12) months prior to the show.
  6. Exhibitors will be allowed two entries only in each Class.
  7. Soiled work will not be accepted.
  8. Exhibits that have been washed (with the exception of Weaving and articles framed for presentation) will be disqualified.
  9. All entries received will be judged but, because of space limitations, may not be displayed.
  10. All exhibits must remain on display for the duration of the show
  11. All exhibits MUST be delivered to the Showground Pavilion between 10am and 6pm on Wednesday, 16th May, 2018.
  12. The Craft Pavilion will close at 4pm on Sunday, 20th May, 2018, to allow for sorting of entries. The pavilion will re-open at 5pm. A copy of the entry form must be presented when collecting entries.
  13. Insurance is the Exhibitor’s responsibility.
  14. Security arrangements will be made by Northern Suburbs A & H Society Inc. Every reasonable care will be taken regarding loss or damage to exhibits.  However, no responsibility will be taken by the Society.



First, Second and Third Prize Ribbons will be awarded in all Sections.

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